Paraffin Hot Therapy
Ancient Paraffin Therapy is considered as a "natural" treatment because it is drug free. The history of Paraffin Therapy can be traced back to the century of RomanEmpire. In China it is also one of the essences of traditional Chinesemedicine. Initially it was recorded in the China’s most famous medical work Compendium of Materia Meddica that written by Shizhen Li in Ming dynasty. For centuries it has been used in hospital, clinic, physiotherapy center, and home.

ElectricalParaffin Hot Pack LGT-2400A can be used to treat arthritis, stiff joints,muscle spasms, and dry or cracked skin scars. When the heat is transferredto the body part, heats improve circulation, relax tight muscles and reduceinflammation. Skin may also become smooth and softer under the effect of heat.
Paraffin Hot Therapy Series: